Yule Prayer.

We ask You to be with us, Gods, Goddesses, Spirits and Ancestors, so that together we can all celebrate Yule.

Thank You, Gods and Spirits of the Earth, for all You have provided to keep us alive through the Winter.

Thank You, Gods and Spirits of the Air, for sweeping aloft the Wild Hunt.

Thank You, Gods and Spirits of Fire, for helping us to survive the cold weather.

Thank You, Gods and Spirits of Water, for the cleansing beauty of the ice and snow.

In this moment of greatest darkness we thank You, Lady Hel. Thank You for walking with us through the darkness of our lives.

We acknowledge Your fearful power and weighty responsibility.

Thank You for gathering our Ancestors to Your table, and for sending our souls out again when the time comes for us to be reborn.

At the darkest time of our year, we find light in the bonds we share with our families and friends. They are the spark of warmth and joy that sustains us through the cold and dark.

We thank all those who have gathered to be with us – the living and the dead, in body and in spirit, mortal and Divine. We celebrate your presence in our lives, and thank You for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

Thank You, kind Gods, Goddesses, Spirits and Ancestors, for the many gifts of Winter.

Please bless the land, so that She may rest.

Please bless the birds and squirrels (or whatever animals tend to be most prominent in your area), plants and trees; all that hibernates and all that keeps fighting on through the cold, so that they may survive the season’s harshness. May the ones who don’t make it pass the torch of life on so that another will.

Please bless us here, so that we may grow closer together as a family (adjust this as appropriate to your circumstances).

Please bless us all, so that we may remember that we are all connected.

Thank You all for hearing our prayer. May You in turn be blessed and joyful in You lives (and accept this offering of…)


The prayer Husband and I will be saying also includes a verse for Amabael, the angel of Winter. Which reminds me – sorry I’ve missed a couple of months on the Angels Prayers. It’s been tough lately lol.


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