A Prayer for Thor and Family.

Husband wrote this beautiful prayer to thank Þórr and His family for being a part of his life and adopting him into Their family (during a thunderstorm, naturally! It was an intense experience, even for me). I’m *so* proud of him for writing this, because Husband is dyslexic and reading and writing are very difficult for him. It’s much more meaningful than any prayer I could write, and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you all 🙂


A year has passed and I want to thank You, Thor, Sif, Thrud, Jarnsaxa, Magni, Modi and Lady Jord.

Thank You for all You have taught me Lady Jord about nature and being at one, thank You for the life You have given and continue to give.

Thank You Sif for watching out for my husband and myself.

Thank You Thrud, Jarnsaxa, Magni and Modi for teaching me patience and showing me how to be kinder to those around me and for helping us to keep calm when needed.

Thank You Thor for adopting me as one of Your children and helping me to grow as a person and in my personal life. You truly are the God of thunder and kindness. Thank You for watching over my husband and myself. May You be honoured and praised on this day.


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