Bless This Breadmaker.

Recently, after many years of faithful service, the breadmaker my family gave us as an engagement present died. We were saving for a new one, but then my family surprised us again by getting us one as an anniversary present! (My family are awesome.)

I kept getting the feeling that I should ask for some kind of blessing on the new breadmaker – in a way that makes me think it wasn’t my own idea, but something I was being encouraged to do. I guess I do use it once or twice every week, to create an important dietary staple. There’s all that symbolism attached to bread too, so although at first it seemed weird, asking for my breadmaker to be blessed makes sense.

I wasn’t really sure what to do, but in the end I washed the breadmaker, then loaded it up with ingredients ready to bake – nothing fancy, just a standard ‘wholesome food for the family’ type recipe. Before switching the breadmaker on, I put my hand onto the lid of the machine and said a small prayer I’d written (although the whole ‘ritual’, if you can call it that, was very informal, I’m so bad at making stuff up on the spot that I decided to write something down). Having asked for blessings, I turned the breadmaker on and waited for the loaf to bake. Once the loaf was ready, I gave some to everyone I’d asked for blessings from, to thank Them. I also ate some myself, and the rest is sliced up ready to take to Husband in hospital. It feels important to share it.

Here’s the prayer I said. It made sense to me to pray to Sigyn and Sif, but if you wanted to use the prayer then it would be easy to just swap Their names for W/whoever is appropriate for you. Later on, it also occurred to me that it would have been good to include our Ancestors in this prayer – maybe next time?


Lady Sigyn, Lady Sif, spirits of this home, I call on You and ask You to please put Your blessings on this breadmaker.

With this machine I create food for my family.

Please give Your blessings to it, and to the bread it makes, so that my family and I are provided with good health and nourishment.

Thank You all.


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