D.I.Y. Mythology.

Recently, Husband and I took a day to celebrate one of his spirit allies, Bear (who has also helped me a fair bit!). We did all the regular things – made special food, played some music, said a prayer, did a little research.

The other thing we usually do, when we take a day to celebrate a Deity, is read out a myth concerning Them. When I celebrate one of my own spirit allies, I’ll get out my journals and re-read some of the journeys we’ve taken together. I wanted to do something similar to honor Bear, but include Husband in it (Bear is, after all, his spirit ally!) But Husband’s dyslexia makes my hand-written notes pretty much indecipherable for him, even with his yellow ruler thing. So I took my notes and wrote them up into something I could read out to him, like when we celebrate a Deity and I read out a myth.

It turned out kind of like a fairytale (the old-fashioned kind, I mean, not like Disney!) Given the theory that at least some fairytales are ancient and garbled accounts of otherwise lost myths, or journeys taken by shamans long ago, I guess that makes sense.

What do you guys think to this idea? Have any of you done anything similar? The particular ‘fairytale’ I ended up writing in this instance is too personal for me to share, but I was wondering about sharing others if I write more. Would you be interested in reading them?


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