Devotional Tattoos.

Is it just me, or does everyone and their Mom have a tattoo these days? I’m so old, I remember when it was controversial to have a tattoo…But I’m really happy things have changed. I *love* tattoos, and pretty much all my savings end up being needled into my skin.

People get tattoos for all kinds of different reasons. Some people just get them because they like the way they look, and I have no problem at all with that. Some people get  them to cover up scars. Other people use tattoos to express things about themselves – from deep meaningful beliefs to the fact that they just really like Toy Story – or to express their love for someone (though a lot of people consider getting a tattoo of a partner’s name to pretty much bring a curse on the relationship, so you have been warned. I have Husband’s name twice though, once on my chest and once on my ring finger (yes, I am that crazy), and our relationship is still going strong…Though he is transitioning and has changed his name, so I still have to try and change them!).

In my own case, most of my tattoos are devotional (at least, all the ones I’ve been getting recently are. I admit I did have one done, years ago, purely to impress a girl…That’s definitely *not* a good reason to get a tattoo). My latest design was supposed to express my devotion to Loki and Sigyn, but it’s become very much Sigyn’s tattoo, so I guess I’ll be getting another one for Loki later lol. It’s not finished yet, but the important bits (i.e. Loki and Sigyn Themselves) are done. Here’s Sigyn;

sigyn tattoo

And here’s Loki, Who somehow kinda ended up almost hiding around the side of my arm;

loki tattoo

To me it’s a way of expressing devotion and commitment, and also a way of being a sort of living altar. I now have Their images with me at all times – another way of devoting my life to Them, and giving Them a part of myself (literally!) I also have tattoos of some of my spirit guides (mostly tattoos which I got ‘by coincidence’ before actually meeting them, or even knowing anything at all about animism – if something happens three times, is it really a coincidence?)

I have a lot of devotional tattoos planned for the future, but ink is *expensive*, so it’s going to be a long job. Once the ‘Sigyn sleeve’ is finished I’m probably going to start a tattoo for Hel on the upper part of the same arm, which I have pretty much all planned and sketched out already. I already think of it as the ‘Goddess arm’ lol.

I’d be interested to hear you views on devotional tattoos, or if you have any yourself.  Feel free to include pictures!


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