Although we’re really busy at the moment, I’m happy to say that we’ve managed to get a clear day to celebrate Midsummer on 😀 Having said that, I’ll probably have to sleep at sometime during the day lol.

Anyway, although we have a whole day to do nothing but celebrate, we do have a lot going on in general right now so we’re planning to do something fairly modest. In the morning I’ll make a cleansing salt scrub with basil, parsley and coriander (apparently they’re in season right now, though to be honest we grow ours on the windowsill so I think they just sorta do their own thing). I don’t have much red, orange or yellow in my wardrobe (it’s mostly black, black a little bit of grey and then some more black), but I have a red and black top I can wear. Husband’s much more colorful than me! Red, yellow and orange are three of his four favorite colors, so he’ll look very Summery.

I thought it would be cool to learn about the Sun on Midsummer, so I’ll play on the computer for a while. I *really* want to go for a walk, even if it’s just once around the nearby park. But I don’t want to just walk; I want to walk mindfully, paying attention to what’s going on around us with the plants, animals and weather. I also hope to journey, though I’m not quite sure what that will be about yet. I also really wasn’t sure what myths I should read. The Norse myths never seem seasonal to me. Any suggestions, anyone?

We plan to offer elderflower cordial, seasonal fruit (strawberries, cherries and peaches in our case, but apricots, bilberries, blueberries, gooseberries and greengages are also out now) a seasonal salad (loads is in season right now! Asparagus, beetroot, carrots, courgettes, lettuce, tomatoes…) and white chocolate and strawberry muffins (can’t be healthy all the time…). There are a lot of daisies and dandelions on our estate right now, and the copper beach is dropping these beautiful, shiny, purple-black leaves, so there’s plenty to decorate the altar with. I also hope to do a litter pick on the estate, but we’ll see. And of course we also have our prayer.

Anyone else got any plans?


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