Father’s Day Prayer.

We ask You to be with us, Gods, Goddesses, Spirits and Ancestors, so that together we can all celebrate Father’s Day.

We want to thank you, our Ancestral Fathers. We celebrate the love and happiness you shared with your children, and thank you for the hard work you put in and the pains you endured.

Thank You, kind Gods, Goddesses, Spirits and Ancestors, for the Fathers of the world. Thank You for the Fathers who brought us life and for the Fathers who raised us.

Please bless the many and varied Fathers in our world, and please bless (names), the Fathers and Father figures of our lives.

(This verse if appropriate, otherwise change or omit entirely;) Please bless us here, so that we may strengthen the bonds we have with our Fathers.

Please bless us all, so that we may learn to celebrate Fatherhood in all it’s positive forms.

Thank You all for hearing our prayer. May You in turn be blessed and joyful in Your lives (and accept these gifts of…).


I know a lot of people have really difficult relationships (or simply no relationship) with their Father. I’m really lucky – my Dad and I are like friends. Husband’s Dad, sadly, passed away when he was twelve – though since setting up our Ancestor shrine, he has made his presence felt on several occasions! The full version of this prayer includes verses of thanks to him, to my deceased paternal Grandfather, to both Husband’s deceased Grandfathers, to several Deities Who are Fathers and even to someone I had children with in a former life (I admit that last one is a bit weird).

If your relationship with your Father is awful or non-existent, maybe you could ask blessings for a Grandfather or some other male in your life who has been like a Father to you. I also know someone who gets their Mother a card on Father’s Day, since she has had to be both Father and Mother to that person. Alternatively, you could use the prayer to ask for help in improving the relationship. Everyone’s situation is different, but I’m thinking about writing some kind of ‘please help us improve our relationship prayer’ at some point (though obviously some ‘Fathers’ are best just avoided completely). Everyone will have some male Ancestor somewhere along the line who was a decent bloke though, so I still think Father’s Day is worth celebrating in some way.


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