The Housewight

Spindle and Key

I have had opportunities to think about what is generally called ‘housewight’ in heathen circles, and I remembered a book I read last year from German scholar Erika Lindig.[1] She wrote her doctoral thesis about written and oral traditions of tales and beliefs in the Hausgeist/housewight in Germany, based on tales printed and published in the 19th and 20th century. Which of course means that those tales document a young  development of housewight belief before it died out.

What is a housewight? It is an entitity noticed by people as living in a house and homestead, usually as benevolent, but also sometimes as being full of mischief and malevolence. They do stick to families, but they’re usually connected to older houses and homesteads in a rural environment.

Hausgeist is a scholarly term, the folkloristic name used by common people was Kobold which is a noa term…

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