Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

Sorry I’ve left this so late! Father’s Day has snuck up on me a bit this year…If, like me, you’ve suddenly been hit by the realization that Father’s Day is *next Sunday*, here are some gift ideas I’ve put together. Hope it helps!

Traidcraft are a fairtrade company (obviously…this is me writing here, after all!) who make a lot of different things, including some fun products created from recycled bicycle chains and old keys – recycling at it’s manliest. There are useful things like bowls, bookends and keyrings, and there are also these awesome dinosaurs made from bicycle chains (I especially love the sauropod). They also have a Spring sale on right now. Search through their website at http://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk/

If he doesn’t already have one, I definitely recommend buying your Dad (/Grandad/Father figure/whoever it is you need a Father’s Day gift for) a re-usable coffee mug. You don’t need me to lecture you on the fact that we’re all using way too many disposable items and clogging up the planet with our trash…we all know this by now. 100 billion single-use coffee cups hit landfill *every year*! Ecoffee mugs are a great option – they’re made from bamboo and corn starch so they’re sustainably produced, and when they reach the end of their (long and useful) life they can be composted. Find out more and check out their range of designs at https://ecoff.ee/

Shared Earth are another eco-friendly, fairtrade company. Among (many, many) other things, they make clocks, coasters and boxes out of recycled computer circuit boards (another example of manly recycling). They also make boats, cars, motorbikes, helicopters and aeroplanes out of tin cans. Take a look at http://www.sharedearth.co.uk/

The Woodland Trust is the UKs largest woodland conservation charity, and through them you can dedicate a tree or an entire area of woodland to your Dad for Father’s Day. Definitely an option if the house and garage are already overflowing with his ‘collections’. http://www.woodlandtrustshop.com/category/191-fathers-day.aspx

If you’re going to go down the socks and chocolate route, then you gotta do it right. Seed and Bean are a ridiculously ethical company turning our ridiculously delicious chocolate bars – and even better, they’re having a Father’s Day sale. You can go extravagant with a hamper, check out the four-bar gift boxes or pick one or two bars from their extensive collection of interesting flavors at http://www.seedandbean.co.uk/shop.html. As for socks, try out Thought or Doris and Dude. Their socks are made from bamboo, so they’re eco-friendly as well as very comfy to wear. Search Thought for gift sets or individual pairs at https://www.wearethought.com/sustainable-socks/mens/  or individual pairs at Doris and Dude at http://www.dorisanddude.com/category/products/socks/size-7-11/

My Dad loves birdspotting, so I’ve brought him a beautiful hand-crafted wooden kingfisher by Tilnar Art (This Is Life Not A Rehearsal, Always Remember This – https://www.tilnarart.co.uk/). It was made in Zimbabwe from either jacaranda, munyunya or olive wood, none of which are endangered species. Tilnar Art is, of course, a Fairtrade company, and I brought the bird at Just Fairtrade in Leicester, the indie business where I volunteer. I love that this gift will not only make my Dad happy, but it supports artisans in Zimbabwe *and* an independent local business. He’s also getting a home-grown bonsai fig (though…it’s huge. I’m not sure it counts as bonsai any more!)

I hope this has been helpful and given you some ideas. If you have any more good Father’s Day ideas, please feel free to share them 🙂


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