Conscious Chocolates Essential Orange 65%.

Healthy chocolate? Could it be? Well…Maybe! Conscious Chocolates are a company based in East Grinstead, West Sussex that make raw, organic, vegan chocolate bars that are also free from soya, gluten and refined sugar. They aim to use the purest, healthiest ingredients possible and have good information available on the health benefits of the ingredients they use (

Even better, they are a really ethical company. The cardboard packet that the chocolate comes in is compostable, the inks are water-based and the foil wrapping is recyclable. They aren’t Fair Trade certified, but that’s because not all the ingredients they use have Fair Trade certified suppliers. However, because of their emphasis on quality ingredients, all their ingredients command a premium cost anyway, and they’re confident that all their suppliers are being treated fairly. Read what they have to say about it at

They even give to charity; on some of their products, 10% of the sale price is given to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, which works to protect white lions and help people to understand their cultural and spiritual importance. Find out more about this unusual charity at

The Essential Orange flavor that I tried was different to other orange chocolates, because it contains tangerine oil as well as orange. I found that the tangerine gave it an extra lightness and freshness, which was really nice. It also has some cinnamon in it, so you can bet Husband and Loki are also fans. The texture of the bar wasn’t my favorite, but I’m new to raw chocolate, so maybe that’s normal? It wasn’t as smooth as regular chocolate. We also found that we needed to keep it in the fridge, because it’s very soft at room temperature (their website does say to keep it at 20 degrees c or less and away from strong odors. You can even put it in the freezer). I thought it was nice that the foil wrapper shared the story of the company instead of just being plain.

To find out more or shop for chocolate bars, visit their site at They also have a blog with some really nice-looking recipies at

If you try this or other chocolates from Conscious Chocolates, let me know what you thought! 🙂


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