Booja-Booja Truffle Selection No 2.

Husband and I were given these extremely posh truffles as a gift (thanks, Family!)

Booja-Booja is a small (just thirty seven employees) independent company in Norfolk which, since being founded in 1999, has won eighty six awards! They don’t use dairy, soya or gluten, and all their products are organic and made on site.

They are not, as far as I can tell, Fair Trade certified, which is a shame. They say on their website that they keep long-term, positive relationships with their suppliers – partly because that’s the right thing to do, and partly because they often don’t have any back-up suppliers for the kinds of ingredients they need (see The only more specific facts I could see about their suppliers were to do with the raw cacao used in their Dark Ecuadorian and Raspberry Ecuadorian truffles ( and the luxury hand-made boxes they source from Kashmir ( However, I absolutely admit that I haven’t read their entire blog, so there may be further information in there that I haven’t found. As they’re using unusual products, it may be that there just isn’t a Fair Trade certified producer out there for some of it. There’s a fair bit of Fair Trade cocoa out there though, so I’m not entirely sure why they don’t use it.

One really nice thing about Booja-Booja is that they donate 5% of their profits to two charities every year – a ‘far away’ charity and a more local cause. At the time of writing, they’re supporting Fauna & Flora International and Total Ensemble Theater Company. Find more information at It’s a really good excuse to eat ice-cream!

So Truffle Selection No 2 features twelve truffles; three each of rhubarb and vanilla fool, hazelnut, stem ginger and almond and salted caramel. They come in a no-expenses-spared purple box, which is very luxurious and makes for a special gift but does, unfortunately, include a plastic tray in which the truffles sit. The truffles themselves are all identical to look at – little squares dusted in cocoa (very stylish!). Fortunately, there’s a chart inside to tell you which is which.

My favorite may be the rhubarb and vanilla fool. It’s tangy and not over-sweet. The hazelnut is one of Husband’s favorites – his description is “like Nutella, but better”. It has a good hazelnut flavor that balances but doesn’t overpower the chocolate. The stem ginger is quite subtle – which will be a welcome delight or a slight disappointment, depending on your point of view. We both liked it. Finally, the almond and salted caramel. This is contending with rhubarb and vanilla fool for my favorite truffle. I’m not always a fan of salted caramel, but this is the best I’ve ever tried. The salt is a definite, tongue-tingling flavor (be honest – we’ve all tried a salted caramel and wondered where the heck the salt is), but there’s just the right amount (because I’ve also tried salted caramel that was so salty I couldn’t eat it). The almond makes a nice counterbalance to the zing and sweetness of the caramel.

If you’ve tried these or any other Booja-Booja truffles, let me know what you thought 🙂


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