Vegan Easter Eggs.

This year I was fortunate enough to get three Easter eggs (thank you, everyone!). This is my first vegan Easter, so I thought I’d review my eggs. Let me know if you tried any of these, or if you have any other recommendations to share 🙂


Choices Caramel Flavoured Easter Egg and Caramel Flavoured Choices.

This gives you 120g of chocolate – a medium sized ‘milk’ chocolate egg and three truffles, all suitable for coeliacs as well as vegans. The truffles came highly commended in the Free From Food Awards 2011, and they are pretty good. The egg is also nice, and (unexpectedly, if I’m honest!) really does taste and smell like chocolate caramel. This is one of those vegan chocolates you can’t really tell is vegan, and it’s also free from artificial colors and preservatives. I like it, but it’s very sweet – well, it is caramel flavored, after all – so you can’t go crazy with it or you’re gonna regret it. But that’s a good thing really, right? It also contains one or two things I’d normally avoid, like glucose syrup, but I feel like that’s fine since this is just an occasional treat, not something I’d eat a lot. My real problems with it are that it’s not Fair Trade or organic, and that the egg and truffles come encased in plastic.

I’m sure these guys must have a website, but it’s well hidden! If anyone knows the address for their website, please let me know. I’m basically computer illiterate, so…


Plamil Organic Milk Chocolate Alternative Egg.

Every problem I had with the Choices egg is tackled by the 85g Plamil egg – Fair Trade, organic and free from plastic packaging! Hurray! The company is anti-GM, and their factory is powered totally by renewable energy, completely nut-free and kosher. I like Plamil! I admit I’m not mad keen on the appearance of the packaging for the egg, but then again I’m pretty sure that this product is aimed at kids. In line with that, I find the flavor very mild, and I get more sweetness from it than chocolate-ness. For me, I’d still prefer this to an egg that tasted better but came wrapped in plastic, polluted the Earth with pesticides or didn’t pay the cocoa farmers a fair wage for their crop, but I can understand why some adults find the flavor disappointing. The only other problem I have with this egg is the high sugar content, which…I mean, come on. It’s an Easter egg.

If you’d like to find out more about Plamil or shop online for their products, visit (


Thornton’s Dark Chocolate Egg.

This was the biggest egg – 265g of chocolate! And it even came with my name iced on it lol. I usually find dark chocolate too bitter, but this is very mild, with a kind of fruity flavour. It runs into the same problems as the Choices egg, though – it’s not Fair Trade or organic, and there’s plastic in the packaging. I also found out that Thornton’s is owned by Ferrero, and despite their Modern Slavery Act Compliance declaration (, I also found claims that Ferrero are buying cocoa harvested using child and adult slave labor ( Ferrero have promised to end all child and forced labor by 2020, but…I’ll believe it when it happens (

To find out more about Thornton’s, their official site is Also, please consider signing this petition calling on Ferrero to do more to end child and slave labour on cocoa plantations;


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