(To be clear from the start; these are my own experiences with and understandings of Sigyn. It’s UPG.)


A year ago today, Lady Sigyn came into my life in a big way.

She’d been sort of around before that (mostly giving me advice about mindfulness and telling me to be nicer to people), but this time last year my life suddenly became very difficult, and She was there for me. I didn’t even ask; She just showed up and remained a very tangible presence for a long time, giving me strength and showing me how to cope.

It’s hard to see someone you love being judged very negatively by people who can only see the surface of the situation, and don’t know the truth of what’s going on and why that person is behaving in such a way. It’s also infuriating when people who ought to be able to understand the situation seem not to do so. Sigyn showed me how to not just get lost in hating everyone in the entire world. I was angry, and She understood that, and was able to help me let go of it. I had the feeling She’d gone through that Herself, though She didn’t say so I can’t be sure.

She also taught me a heck of a lot about enduring. She showed me how to ride out the despair and exhaustion and just keep going, even when your mind tells you that you can’t. You can. You just do. One night, when I was mentally and physically just exhausted, She literally gave me strength – it felt like being filled with golden light, and is why I associate Her with sunstone (I also associate Her with rose quartz and rhodonite).

I came to think of Her as a foundation stone. She showed me how Her ordeal did not end when She and Loki were able to leave the cave; it was just the start of a new one. She was broken, but She had to be the one to re-build Their lives. There was no-one else to do it, and Loki certainly wasn’t in any state to, so  it was all down to Her – the practicalities of cooking and cleaning, caring for Loki, caring for Herself, trying to get Them both to a place where things were ok again, every hour of every day, even though Her heart was shattered…That takes more inner strength than I have. But Sigyn knows how to do what needs to be done, no matter how impossible it feels, and no matter how long it takes.

The Sigyn I got to know has such solid strength, loyalty and compassion. I don’t have words for how much I admire Her. And today, I’ve been blessed to meet a different aspect of Her nature.

I’d read before that many people say Sigyn tends to show up in one of two aspects; a grown woman, either during or after The Cave, or as a child. I had seen Her as a child before today, but more like watching Someone else’s memory than being able to interact with Her. Because of that, I had intended to write Her a prayer today praising Her great strength and steadfastness. But I somehow just couldn’t get anything down, and then I realized that She wanted a different kind of prayer, because She wanted to enjoy Her celebrations today as a different version of Herself.

It is lovely to meet Sigyn as a child. She seems so…light? All pastel colors and Spring flowers. She has a giggle that I can’t literally hear but I just know is adorable. I’ve seen her communicating with plants and loving their company. She can make Herself go so still and quiet to hear them – something I need to learn from! We’ve had plant documentaries on all evening. I also have the impression She’d enjoy some of the cute Studio Ghibli movies, like KiKi’s Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro (also Howl’s Moving Castle), but I don’t have my whole DVD collection to hand right now. She asked for peach crumble with custard, and I’ve also made chocolate hearts which seem to have gone down well (I think the decorations sold them).

It’s funny – making dinner tonight, I found myself cooking as if there was a child in the house; a little less spice, a little more sweetness, no bitter vegetables lol. I have the idea that She likes shells, especially ones with a pearly shine to them, so we’ve brought Her a beautiful pale pink heishi shell bracelet. We’ve also filled Her shrine with white flowers – the first time I saw Her She was wearing a white dress and had a white flower in Her hair. I find that She likes lavender as well – the color, the oil, the flower, baked into cupcakes, anything – Lady Grey tea, and a blend of tea by Pukka called Love which contains chamomile, limeflower, elderflower, marigold, licorice, rose and lavender.

One last thing before I finish up with the prayer I wrote. I have, once, seen Sigyn in a third way; a Lady with heavily scarred hands and face. I assumed it was snake venom. She may have been an old woman, or She may just have looked that way because She was scarred. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has any similar experiences. Thank you 🙂


A child wandering through the meadows; She appears alone, but She has friends in the plants. She listens to their whispers and grows wise.

I praise Your patient stillness, Your inner silence, Your deep knowledge.

A child wandering through the meadows; a friend leaves Her treasures to find. She is not as alone as She seems.

You are so loved, and so worthy of love. It is an honor to know You.



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