Send Me a Sign!

Wife was literally sent a sign this week.

After an unusually difficult hour with our councilor, we were walking home when she stopped dead and pointed up, a look of amazement on her face. A street sign on a lamppost read ‘changed priorities ahead’. I’ve never seen this street sign before and have no idea what this meant for the cars, but given the conversation we’d just left, I knew what it meant for Wife.

Was this really a Divine message though, or just a coincidence? My life has been filled with ‘coincidences’ lately. This afternoon, for example, I made a…fairly heartfelt prayer, and this evening a blog dropped into my inbox addressing the very subject of my earlier prayer. Coincidence? Well, I guess it *could* be. But there are just so many of them lately.

Am I seeing these coincidences because I’m looking for them? You might want to argue that, but I know I’m not looking for them. They’re just happening. Anyway, I’m massively prone to self-doubt. I’m far more likely to ignore signs, omens and other messages from a sense of ‘I’m not important enough, I must be imagining it’ than I am to fool myself that I’m being sent a sign when I’m not. It’s difficult, though. I can see why people end up at either end of the spectrum, from trying to find signs in everything that happens to convincing yourself that nothing’s being said to you. It can be a minefield.

I navigate this particular minefield by trying to keep a calm head and not be ruled by enthusiasm, fear, wishful thinking or self doubt. Easy to say, not so simple to do in real life…I will also use runes or cards to ask for clarification, or ask someone I trust what their intuition or opinion is on the matter. I’m also beginning to sometimes know when something is a sign and when it isn’t just by…er, sort of just knowing. Or having a hunch, anyway. For example, quite a while back I saw a fox when I was out one night. I ‘knew’ that seeing it was meaningful. However, more recently I saw another fox when I was out walking. I didn’t have that ‘this is significant’ feeling, and I just enjoyed the fact that I had seen a fox. I will, of course, sometimes get it wrong. Trusting my instincts is such a difficult thing for me. Everyone has obstacles between them and the messages they’re being sent.

Do you think things like coincidences and omens are real or that people imagine them? If you believe they are messages, how do you know when to pay attention and when it really is just a coincidence? I look forward to reading your thoughts 🙂


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