Loki’s ‘Hearthstone’.

Loki broke two of the candle holders I brought for His shrine. I say that He broke them, because one is just an accident, but two? None of the candle holders on any of the other shrines have broken, and also the two broken candle holders were quite similar to one another.

Okay, I thought. So He doesn’t like those. But what does He want instead? Nothing seemed right, and then I began to get that feeling like He wanted me to make something for Him.

Unfortunately, I had no bloody idea what.

Then I made a small gift for a friend – a sort of portable shrine/altar decoration with a (rather rough) copy of the Snaptun stone as a tealight holder/incense burner. The Snaptun stone was discovered on a beach near Snaptun, in Denmark. It’s from about 1000 CE, made of soapstone that came from either Norway or Sweden, and on it is carved what is generally believed to be a depiction of Loki (because of the scarred lips). It’s a hearthstone to protect people from the flames, with a hole underneath Loki’s face for the bellows.

It kept playing on my mind. I did some research, some meditation and divination, and I’ve come to feel I’m beginning to understand something important about Loki (about the aspect of Him with which I happen to be interacting, anyway). I’ll be writing about it later, when I feel I have a better grip on the idea. For now, I’ve made a start with this ‘hearthstone’ candle holder.

It was fairly simple to make (it needs to be, if I’m going to make it!) First I drew up my idea, and then I tried to check it with Loki to see if He was happy with it (from what I could tell, He was perfectly happy with my plan in general, but wanted me to make it look as much like it was made from stone as possible, so I did have to adjust my original idea a bit). I molded it around a glass candle-holder using air-drying clay and then painted it with acrylic paint. I was able to make a neat hole using a plastic straw, and I stuck little green jewels in for His eyes. I ‘carved’ His face with a plastic needle.

I’d say it’s more ‘inspired by’ the Snaptun stone than actually looking anything like it lol. I wanted something that was closer to the way I see Him, and so here’s what we’ve ended up with. It would be great to read your thoughts, or see any similar things that you’ve made or brought 🙂

loki 'hearthstone'


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