Day Star and Whirling Wheel.

It’s another anthology, everyone! Day Star and Whirling Wheel: A Devotional to Sunna, Goddess of the Sun, and Mani, God of the Moon is a devotional anthology compiled by Galina Krasskova and published by Asphodel Press. You can buy a paper copy for $18:00 (about £12:60) or download a copy for $5:00 (about £3:50) at (it’s about half way down the page).

The introduction, Mani the Moon God and Sunna the Sun Goddess, explains that there’s not much surviving lore on Mani and Sunna (the same Goddess I called Sól in my last prayer), and so this book is written ‘not with the eye of a scholar, but with the heart of a mystic’; it’s heavy on the UPG, but mainly because there’s no other choice. So naturally, this is not a book that will appeal to everybody. At the end of the book is a suggested reading section and a small list of useful websites.

Part 1 is Honoring the God of the Moon. Between you and me, I had a dream about Mani (I think?) that seemed to indicate some sort of lost myth, so I was really curious to see if I could find any further hints here (and the answer iiiis…maybe yes, maybe no lol). There are some beautiful prayers and poetry, as usual, along with devotional ideas for Mani (symbols for the altar, offerings, etc), rituals, recipes, prayer beads, and the personal experiences and understandings of those who honor Him. There are also two pieces for Mani and Unn, as some people feel They have a relationship, and The Evening Rite of the Five Elements also includes prayers for Sigyn, Loki, Odin, Hoenir and Earendil as well as Mani, Nott and Sunna.

Part 2 is Open To The Sky, and features pieces written for other Northern Solar Deities – Hati and Skoll, Mundilfari, Sinthgunt, Daeg and Nott. This is the smallest section, which I felt was a shame as, on a purely personal note, I’m interested in learning more about Nótt and Dagr. Of course, you can only publish what people will write! It seems like Mani and Sunna have a greater following. It’s mostly prayers, but there’s also the Evening Offering Ritual to Sinthgunt, which I found particularly interesting.

Part 3 is Glory to the Goddess of the Sun. The type of work is similar to Part 1; prayers and poetry, personal thoughts and experiences, devotional ideas, etc, but also has yoga Sun salutations and craft ideas for making Sunwheels. Morning Ritual to Sunna is interesting, as it was written to be used for people who are in gaol. It also includes invocations to Ostara, Dagr and Mani. The other piece I particularly liked was Sunna Prayer Beads To Combat Depression, which gave me a lot of ideas (because I have depression, and Wife also has mental health problems). The author isn’t suggesting prayer beads constitute a miracle cure, just that they might help. I’m certainly willing to give it a go, in my own way.

I’m wanting to include Nótt, Máni, Dagr and Sól in my devotional life in a small way, so this book was helpful for me. I think it would be good for anyone who is devoted to or interested in building a relationship with Mani or Sunna.


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