Coloring Book Idea.

Since adult coloring books are so popular right now, I wanted to share an idea Wife and I had.

All we did was find tiger pictures and color them in as an offering to Sumatran Tiger. It’s simple, but it’s a really nice way to make a personal offering that you put time and effort into if your drawing skills aren’t quite what you’d like them to be. Here’s Wife’s offering;


Isn’t it beautiful? And here’s mine;

blue tiger

As you can see, especially in mine (Wife has, after all, never actually seen him) I was able to adjust it so that it resembled him more closely than if I’d brought a drawing or photograph of a tiger (depictions of blue tigers are not all that easy to come by). This should work really well for any animal or plant spirit or Deity, though pictures that recall a more human-shaped spirit or Deity may be harder to come by.

Do let me know what you all think to this idea, and feel free to share pictures also 😀


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