9 for Sigyn.

We praise You, most loyal of wives, She Who would not be torn from Her husband’s side.

We praise You, courageous Lady, You Who had the strength to defy all opinion.

We praise You, mountain of strength, mighty and unmovable in Your chosen path.

We praise You, fearless protector of Those You love, fierce defender of those who need You.

We praise You, Lady of joyfulness, She Who can find out the tiny, precious gems of happiness hidden in the dirt.

We praise You, nurturer, nourisher; loving and thoughtful provider.

We praise You, wise healer, comfort of the damaged child.

We praise You, most compassionate Goddess, teacher of compassion.

We praise You, wise and practical adviser, valued teacher of courage and humbleness, loyalty and loving, living with difficulties and living with joy.


Oh, foundation stone.

Oh, constant light of devotion.

Oh, teacher of hospitality.

Oh, Flame-Hair’s dearest treasure.

Oh, good and loving Mother.

Oh, loving heart, shining beacon.

Oh, Incantation Fetter.

Oh, She Who Endured.

Oh, Victory.


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